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Glorifying God...

We believe we have been put on this earth to glorify God.  We can do this in many ways.  First and foremost is to live a life which glorifies him, a life of obedience to Him and His Word.  This transformed life can be seen in our jobs, marriage and parenting. Perfection is our goal but certainly not our usual practice.  So, we believe that we are saved by grace and can only continue a relationship with our Father through that same grace. 


Secondly, we glorify God by sharing what we know with a world that is religiously confused.  Every disciple must be able to give an answer to anyone who asks about our hope. We therefore view the Bible as the only standard by which we can know God's will.


Thirdly, we believe that God will reward all faithful disciples.  We see heaven as our final journey where we will join our Father and our Brother Jesus.  We will continue for eternity worshiping a benevolent Father with all the faithful from the beginning of time.


And finally, we believe our mission is to help those less fortunate than ourselves.  Every disciple should share with others the blessings God has sent into his life.  Through this we can fulfill our mission to God.

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The Newmarket International Church of Christ is a standing member of the

International Churches of Christ.

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